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Ascension Brand Kit

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Elevate Your Brand with Insight and Elegance

Designed for soulful entrepreneurs who embody the Sage and Creator archetypes, the Ascension Brand Kit offers a sophisticated and serene aesthetic that reflects your commitment to personal growth and transformation.

Who It's Perfect For:

  • The Sage: If your brand is centered around wisdom, knowledge, and guiding others to deeper understanding, the Ascension Brand Kit will resonate deeply with your audience.
  • The Creator: Ideal for those who value creativity, innovation, and self-expression. The unique elements of this kit will help you craft a brand that stands out and tells your unique story.

The Ascension Brand Kit is professionally designed to feel inspiring, hopeful, and, soulful with deep, rich colors, elegant fonts, and polished iconography. 

For both seasoned Canva users and newcomers, this template ensures a seamless, intuitive editing experience, empowering you to launch your sales page with confidence and ease.

Please note: The Canva templates are designed for you to use to create your own brand. You may not use these templates to resell as templates of your own. The Canva template cannot be redistributed as a template, modified or not. Please be sure to read our Canva template terms.

All graphics are customizable within the free version of Canva to make your business look professional, stellar, and stunning in minutes with ease! Canva Pro is not required.

Brand Kit includes:

  • 1 Primary Logo: Great for use in full color and most horizontal formats
  • 2 Alternate Logos: Ideal for use in single color, square, stacked, or vertical formats
  • 1 Icon: Intended for favicon use or anywhere you need just an icon
  • 5 Brand Colors
  • 2 Brand Fonts: Used within the logo
  • Brand Mood Board
  • 5 Brand Font Combinations: 
    • Heading Font: Great for headlines
    • Accent Font: When you want to grab their attention
    • Sub-Heading Font: Great for adding context
    • Body Copy Font: An easy-to read font that's also on-brand
  • 3 Brand Patterns: Add a little pizazz to your marketing pieces, web pages, or sales pages and add these tasteful, on-brand patterns to draw your viewers eyes towards calls-to-action to get them to click
  • 3 Brand Textures: Add subtle dimension to your designs by adding a touch of texture to your images or backgrounds to make them uniquely yours
  • Social Media Icons: Use these in your email signature, on business cards, or anywhere you share your social accounts to be sure you stand out
  • 3 Recommended Photo Styles: Stay on brand with these recommended photo styles -- makes it easy if you need to choose stock photos to use with your marketing materials


• Elegant Logos: Main logo, submark, and icon that radiate insight and clarity.

• Refined Color Palette: Deep purples, golds, and navy blues complemented by light grays for a luxurious and calming feel.

• Versatile Typography: The timeless elegance of Bodoni FLF paired with the modern simplicity of Montserrat.

• Unique Patterns and Textures: Botanical designs, abstract lines, and luxurious textures that add depth and creativity to your brand.

• Mood Board and Photography: Inspirational images and recommended photo styles that convey a sense of calm, productivity, and professional growth.

• Custom Social Media Icons: Ensure your online presence is cohesive and aligned with your brand’s visual identity.


• Ascension Brand Kit Template: A comprehensive collection of Canva templates, covering everything you need to create a cohesive and elegant brand identity.

• Logos: Main logo, submark, and icon.
• Color Palette: Primary and secondary color schemes.
• Typography: Elegant serif and modern sans-serif font combinations.
• Patterns and Textures: Unique botanical and abstract patterns, luxurious textures.
• Mood Board and Photography: Curated images and styles for a consistent visual identity.
• Social Media Icons: Custom icons in the brand’s primary colors.

• Bite-Sized Walkthrough Videos
Master template customization with tutorials on changing design elements.

💖 FAQs

❓Can this template be used with the free version of Canva, or is Canva Pro required?
This template is designed for full accessibility, compatible with both the free version of Canva and Canva Pro. You can customize your brand visuals regardless of your Canva subscription level.

❓I'm new to branding. Can this template help me create a professional brand identity?
Absolutely! The Ascension Brand Kit is crafted to guide both beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs in creating a cohesive and elegant brand identity. With user-friendly templates and design elements, you can achieve a professional look with ease.

❓Can I customize this template to fit my brand?
Yes! Every element of the Ascension Brand Kit is fully customizable in Canva. You can adjust colors, fonts, images, and more to perfectly align with your brand’s visual identity.

❓Is this available for resell or to give away?
No. The Ascension Brand Kit and its elements are intended for personal use in your own business branding. Reselling or giving away the templates is not permitted.


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    Ascension Brand Kit
    Ascension Brand Kit
    Ascension Brand Kit

    Our Promise to You

    • For Soulful Visionaries

      Made with love for the spiritually-aligned, inspired by Spirit

    • Empathy-Focused

      No bro-marketing tactics, only compassionate, empathy-first designs

    • Easy to Customize

      Add your own magical essence with a few simple clicks

    • 7-Day Guarantee

      We stand behind our products w/ a 7-day money-back guarantee

    Reviews from Real Customers

    Soulful Speaker One Sheet:
    This is the best template I've ever gotten; Thanks!


    Brand Kit (Sparkle):
    I really like how this brand identity looks, it's very cheerful. You made it easy to brand my latest launch!


    Soulful Speaker One Page Site:
    Exceptional product!


    Brand Kit (High Vibes):
    With your amazing brand kit, I was able to brand my new business with ease! Thank you for igniting all this magic!


    Soulful Sales Page Copy Kit:
    I LOVE how clear the guides are — I feel like they were made for me! I have SO much more clarity on my business, audience, and offers afterward and writing my sales page was a breeze! And it CONVERTS!