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Enlightened Earth Opt-in Page (Canva)

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This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

Attract with Ease: Quick Opt-In Pages for Soulful Entrepreneurs

Capture the essence of connection and grow your email list with ease with the Enlightened Earth Opt-in Page Template. Crafted in the same earthy elegance as our sales page template, this design invites your audience to embark on a transformative journey with you, starting with a simple, soulful opt-in. Designed for soulful entrepreneurs eager to nurture their community, this template bridges your heartfelt invitation with the ease of modern technology.

🎥 Includes helpful video walkthroughs to make customizing and publishing your landing page, opt-in page, and thank you page a breeze.

💻No hosting required! Publish for FREE on Canva. Can use a free Canva domain or add your own custom domain.

With its intuitive layout and serene design, it's the perfect platform for collecting leads with integrity and style.

💻 View live site:
👉 Landing  / Opt-in Page
👉 Thank You Page

Perfect for both seasoned Canva users and newcomers, this template ensures a seamless, intuitive editing experience, empowering you to launch your sales page with confidence and ease.

Please note: The Canva templates are designed for you to use to create your own digital product. You may not use these templates to resell as templates of your own. The Canva template cannot be redistributed as a template, modified or not. Please be sure to read our Canva template terms.


• Seamless Opt-In Integration:
A soulful yet streamlined design that beautifully integrates your opt-in form (via link), inviting engagement and sign-ups.

• Cohesive Brand Experience:
Though easy to customize and add your own branding, this opt-in template matches the Enlightened Earth branded templates, ensuring brand consistency across all digital touchpoints.

• Video Walkthrough Included: Learn effortlessly how customize your template, to create and link your opt-in form to the template, and publish it live, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free setup.

• No hosting required! Can publish for FREE on Canva!: Save money by publishing your pages on Canva for FREE! Can use a free Canva domain or add your own custom domain.


• Enlightened Earth Opt-in Page Template:
A Canva-based design, offering a tranquil yet powerful space for your audience to connect with your message. Includes a matching Thank You Page to further engage and direct new subscribers to your social channels.

• Bite-Sized Video Walkthroughs:
A step-by-step guide on how to customize the template pages to reflect your unique brand identity, create your opt-in form in Jotforms (a FREE platform!), link your opt-in form to the landing page template, link your thank you page, and publish your pages live.


• Adaptable Logo Template:
Elevate your brand's identity with a fully editable logo template, designed to harmonize beautifully with your sales page.

• Professionally Curated Images:
Access a collection of high-quality stock photos that enhance your sales page's visual appeal without the need for additional purchases.

• Elegant Fonts:
Utilize elegant, pre-selected fonts that complement your brand's voice and enhance readability, ensuring your message is received loud and clear.

💖 FAQs

❓Can this template be used with the free version of Canva, or is Canva Pro required?
This template is designed for full accessibility, compatible with both the free version of Canva and Canva Pro, granting you creative freedom regardless of your Canva subscription level.

❓Is this template easy to use for those new to Canva or opt-in page design?
Yes! This template is designed with simplicity in mind, accessible to both beginners and seasoned marketers. The included video walkthrough makes customization straightforward and enjoyable.

❓How does this template integrate with email marketing tools?
While this template is optimized for JotForm integration, the insights provided in the video walkthrough can be adapted to work with most email marketing tools that offer embeddable forms. As long as you have a link to your opt-in form, it can be embedded into the page!

❓Can I use this template on a different platform, like Wix or Squarespace?
This template is only available on Canva. If you’ve never used Canva before, we've provided short videos to teach you how to customize your templates with ease.

❓Can I customize this template to fit my brand?
Absolutely! Every element of the template is fully customizable in Canva. You can adjust colors, fonts, images, and more to perfectly align with your brand's visual identity.

❓Is this available for resell or to give away?
No. You cannot resell or give away anything included in the Launch Soulution digital bundle you purchased. The strategies and templates are intended to be used for your social media marketing, your branding, and other business-related marketing purposes only.


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    Enlightened Earth Opt-in Page (Canva)
    Enlightened Earth Opt-in Page (Canva)
    Enlightened Earth Opt-in Page (Canva)
    Enlightened Earth Opt-in Page (Canva)
    Enlightened Earth Opt-in Page (Canva)
    Enlightened Earth Opt-in Page (Canva)

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    Reviews from Real Customers

    Soulful Speaker One Sheet:
    This is the best template I've ever gotten; Thanks!


    Brand Kit (Sparkle):
    I really like how this brand identity looks, it's very cheerful. You made it easy to brand my latest launch!


    Soulful Speaker One Page Site:
    Exceptional product!


    Brand Kit (High Vibes):
    With your amazing brand kit, I was able to brand my new business with ease! Thank you for igniting all this magic!


    Soulful Sales Page Copy Kit:
    I LOVE how clear the guides are — I feel like they were made for me! I have SO much more clarity on my business, audience, and offers afterward and writing my sales page was a breeze! And it CONVERTS!