Your calling is powerful 💖 you're a catalyst for change.

for too long, you've blended into the vast ocean of the ordinary


✨ Your unique voice
✨ Your transformative magic
✨ Your driven mission
✨ Your unparalleled expertise

But first, they need to be able to *SEE* you.

you can't get noticed if you don't stand out

your brand is not just a business

it's a legacy waiting to unfold.

As a budding entrepreneur, I navigated both worlds: the rigidity of Fortune 100 and 500 companies and the soulful aspirations of purpose-driven small businesses.

My corporate experience taught me valuable strategies and skills, but it was the heart-led projects that truly fulfilled me.

However, applying these lessons to my own business was a journey marked by self-doubt and misalignment.

It wasn't until I embraced

my own magic and unique voice, and ditched societal norms for authenticity

that I discovered the path to true success.

i'm an AVID believer that...

  • our own innate magic distinguishes us

    offering a unique path to visibility and connection.

  • we all have stories where our strength is forged in fire

    sharing them helps others find their healing and purpose.

  • Our mission extends beyond ourselves

    it's about fostering a community of positive change-makers, where even incremental impacts resonate.

Barb meeting with one of her soul clients.

hey there beautiful soul!

i'm barb pritchard

A spirited brand strategist and designer dedicated to empowering soulful visionaries like you.

My journey from corporate strategy to spiritual entrepreneurship taught me the power of authenticity and alignment in branding.

Through Infinity Brand Design Shop, I blend strategic insights with intuitive design to help you manifest a brand that truly reflects your essence.

Here, my mission is to guide you towards crafting a business where your magic not only resides but thrives.

the journey to a soulful brand

brimming with authenticity and impact doesn't have to be a solo endeavor

Infinity Brand Design Shop is here to light your path ✨

From brand identity kits to sales page templates, each template is more than a design; it's a beacon guiding you toward your vision

with clarity, connection, and conversion.

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