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Enlightened Earth Lead Magnet

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This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

Embark on a New Chapter of Lead Magnet Mastery with Enlightened Earth

Step into the realm of impactful lead magnet creation with the Enlightened Earth Lead Magnet Canva Template, designed with the soulful visionary in mind. This collection goes beyond the ordinary with 60 customizable pages, each thoughtfully composed to empower your audience and nurture your email list. Encompassing everything from immersive eBooks to actionable challenges, every page, handpicked image, and expertly chosen font and color scheme is tailored to resonate with your audience's transformative journey.

With its earthy tones and intuitive design, it's the gateway for soulful entrepreneurs aiming to make an impact with authenticity and grace.

Step into a space where creating lead magnets becomes an impactful and joyful expression of your brand, crafted to deeply connect and inspire every soul it touches.

Perfect for both seasoned Canva users and newcomers, this template ensures a seamless, intuitive editing experience, empowering you to launch your sales page with confidence and ease.

Please note: The Canva templates are designed for you to use to create your own digital product. You may not use these templates to resell as templates of your own. The Canva template cannot be redistributed as a template, modified or not. Please be sure to read our Canva template terms.


β€’ Diverse Content Formats:
Includes checklists, multi-step processes, daily to monthly planners, roadmaps, tool and resource pages, call-to-action prompts, testimonials, 30-day and 7-day challenges, SWOT analysis, progress trackers, and Q&A templates.

β€’ Deep Engagement:
Craft lead magnets that do more than capture emails; create a journey of discovery, planning, and action for your audience.

β€’ Fully Customizable to Your Brand:
Every Infinity Brand Design Shop template in Canva allows full customization, aligning perfectly with your brand's voice and aesthetic.

β€’ Cohesive Brand Experience:
Though easy to customize and add your own branding, this lead magnet template matches the Enlightened Earth branded templates, ensuring brand consistency across all digital touchpoints.

β€’ Contents include:
Cover page, 2 Welcome pages, 13 Quiz pages, Progress tracker page, SWOT analysis page, 9 Checklist pages, 6 Challenge pages, Roadmap page, 2 Process pages, 3 Chart and graph pages, Daily planner page, Weekly planner page, Monthly planner page, 2 Notes pages, 2 Content pages, Testimonial page, 5 Resource pages, 2 FAQ pages, 2 Call to action pages, 2 Thank you pages, 2 Contact pages


β€’ Enlightened Earth Lead Magnet Template:
A versatile collection of 60 Canva templates, covering everything from eBooks to checklists, ensuring you have the perfect format for any type of lead magnet.

β€’ Bite-Sized Walkthrough Videos:
Master template customization with tutorials on changing design elements and saving as a digital download.


β€’ Adaptable Logo Template:
Elevate your brand's identity with a fully editable logo template, designed to harmonize beautifully with your sales page.

β€’ Professionally Curated Images:
Access a collection of high-quality stock photos that enhance your sales page's visual appeal without the need for additional purchases.

β€’ Elegant Fonts:
Utilize elegant, pre-selected fonts that complement your brand's voice and enhance readability, ensuring your message is received loud and clear.

πŸ’– FAQs

❓Can this template be used with the free version of Canva?
Yes, this template is fully compatible with both Canva Free and Canva Pro, offering you complete creative control.

❓Is this template suitable for those new to design?
Absolutely! This package is designed to support creators at all levels, providing a straightforward path to designing a lead magnet that resonates with your audience.

❓Can I personalize this template for my brand?
Yes, every element is customizable. Adjust colors, fonts, and images to align seamlessly with your brand.

❓Can I resell or give away the lead magnets I create with this template?
The lead magnets you create are yours to distribute as part of your marketing strategy. However, the template itself cannot be resold or given away. It is intended for your business's marketing purposes only.


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    Enlightened Earth Lead Magnet
    Enlightened Earth Lead Magnet
    Enlightened Earth Lead Magnet
    Enlightened Earth Lead Magnet
    Enlightened Earth Lead Magnet

    Our Promise to You

    • For Soulful Visionaries

      Made with love for the spiritually-aligned, inspired by Spirit

    • Empathy-Focused

      No bro-marketing tactics, only compassionate, empathy-first designs

    • Easy to Customize

      Add your own magical essence with a few simple clicks

    • 7-Day Guarantee

      We stand behind our products w/ a 7-day money-back guarantee

    Reviews from Real Customers

    Soulful Speaker One Sheet:
    This is the best template I've ever gotten; Thanks!


    Brand Kit (Sparkle):
    I really like how this brand identity looks, it's very cheerful. You made it easy to brand my latest launch!


    Soulful Speaker One Page Site:
    Exceptional product!


    Brand Kit (High Vibes):
    With your amazing brand kit, I was able to brand my new business with ease! Thank you for igniting all this magic!


    Soulful Sales Page Copy Kit:
    I LOVE how clear the guides are β€” I feel like they were made for me! I have SO much more clarity on my business, audience, and offers afterward and writing my sales page was a breeze! And it CONVERTS!